Commissioned Pieces

These are just a small number of pieces I have done as commissions - the pictures have been published here with permission from the people who now own the artwork.

Ruby is a painting of a friends beloved pet.  Only the second dog I have ever attempted!  
Acrylic on box canvas.

Oscar is my biggest canvas work to date at 1m x 1m.  I really enjoyed the challenge of doing something different!  Not only was it massive compared to my normal canvas but it was also my first dog!  It is a really striking painting of another beloved pet.
Acrylic on box canvas.

I don't just paint on canvas, occasionally something different comes my way!  This antique rocking horse belongs to friends of mine who wanted to restore it for use by their own children.  The photo below shows what it looked like when it arrived at mine.. the hair was discolored and missing in places, the leather work and fabric was in a very bad state.  The paint work was badly damaged and it was missing numerous features.  I did wonder briefly what I was getting myself into!

Before I could do anything I had to sand down and prime the whole thing.  Once I had repaired any damaged parts I could begin painting it.  After extensive research I set out to replicate the original paint pattern.

I had to weave in new hair (head and tail) and color it back to the original black.  I made and replaced all the leather straps and fabric decorations.  These were fixed into place with decorative upholstery nails.  I also had to replace the glass eyes.

As well as replacing the leather work, I also had to put together a new saddle - staying as close to the original design an possible.

New stirrups were added on.

This has to be one of the most interesting things I have ever done!  It involved such a broad range of skills - some of which I had to learn first!  But myself and my friends were really pleased with the finished horse.  It now proudly sits in their childrens' playroom looking very proud!